How it works

  • 2023 Get your shipment quote

    You can easily access our online resources and get a free quote on your shipment. Moreover, you can call us directly at 773-283-6707.

  • 2023 Book your shipment

    After getting a quote free of charge, you will reserve your car transportation online or by calling us at 773-283-6707.

  • 2023 Carrier is chosen

    Our transport specialists will assign your vehicle to a carrier who will match your preferred route and time frame. We will inform you of the details as soon as we get the transportation set up with the carrier.

  • 2023 Car is picked up

    The carrier will contact you prior to the pickup to make the necessary arrangements. Also, a detailed inspection of the vehicle will be done, and both the carrier and the contact person will sign the bill of lading to verify the condition of the car. After that, your car will be loaded and shipped to the delivery location.

  • 2023 Car is delivered

    The carrier will contact you prior to delivery to make the necessary arrangements. The car will be unloaded and the customer will need to make sure the car is in the same condition as at the pickup time. If the shipping costs have not yet been paid, the customer will pay the driver at the time of delivery.

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