Car shipping VS Driving cross country

  • Car shipping VS Driving cross country

    Car shipping VS Driving cross country

    Today is the day when you start a new life chapterand decide to move to a different state oreven country. We know you have a lot going on in yourmind right now, as moving is alwaysstressful and requires to be detailed oriented. Andnow you go to do research on the Internet tolook for ways on how to do it the best way. But thistime, not only need you to pack all the stuffand prepare the new place but also figure out howto deliver your car across the country. If youare in a similar situation and afraid to even considera car shipment because it is associatedwith a luxury pricey service, then this blog is rightfor you.

    The easiest way to make a decision on whether youshould ship your car across the country ordrive it yourself is to imagine the step-by-step processof how it might be and analyze the consand pros of each option. To do that, we will reviewboth case scenarios with their benefits anddisadvantages, which will undoubtedly help you makethe right decision.

    Let’s say you are looking to move from Illinois toCalifornia state which is approximately 2,000miles drive and you choose to drive the car yourself.You may experience a fun adventure,explore new towns and not pay anyone for car shippingor driving services. And you might beproud of yourself thinking that you are saving yourbudget this way until you realize that:

    The drive is several days long and exhausting;

    Your trip expenses include not only gas, road tolls,car maintenance, and meals threetimes per each day but also stays at hotels;

    You put more miles on your vehicle, tear and wear;

    You may face safety challenges like car accidents,slippery roads, heavy thunderstorms,or any other unfavorable weather conditions.

    The “car shipping vs. driving cross country” questionis a serious question that requires wiseanalysis, and no doubt that safety should be the No.1priority.

    Now, let’s review a “vehicle transportation” scenariowhere you arrange a door-to-door carshipping with professionals likeSAP Transport. Whathappens if they pick up your car and dropit off at the address of your choice. This way youcan fly to your new home at your convenience,save time, and faceless stress with such a drasticmove. Different companies have differentservices and policies, but SAP Transport company with5-star ratings, you get full vehicleshipping insurance, guaranteed time frames and dates,no hidden fees, and guaranteed price.

    Now you know both options, and both are very simpleand clear. It never hurts to contact SAPTransport and request more information and a quotefor your specific situation. At least, you willbe able to calculate the average cost and compareboth options. At the end of the day, we live inthe 21st century and convenience is far from luxury

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